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BSCB-IS-imgBestseller Campaign Blueprint

Bestseller Campaign Blueprint is an 8-part online training program that helps authors become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs become bestselling authors.

Each module features 90-120 minutes of video training, focusing on one of the key components of The Big IDEA framework . Participants will have direct access to Jesse Krieger for laser-targeted coaching and live Q&A.


Core Training: 8-Part Video Training (15+ hours!)

Community: A private Facebook group with like-minded authors

Continuity: Online members portal with training, hiring scripts, resources and bonuses!

The objective of the Bestseller Campaign Blueprint is to take people through the Big IDEA framework (Ignite, Develop, Execute and Accelerate) to establish their own book-based business and brand as a #1 best-selling author.

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Business In a Weekend by Jesse KriegerBusiness In a Weekend

Business In a Weekend is a virtual bootcamp taught by Jesse Krieger, best selling author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Over the course of a fun and fast-paced weekend, you will generate countless business ideas based on your interests and passions, then begin turning them into online businesses in real-time.

Business In a Weekend consists of:

Core Training: Seven live interactive training webinars (90-120 min each)

Community: Join a private Facebook group with like-minded entrepreneurs for direct feedback and building partnerships.

Continuity: Lifetime access to a membership portal with all the training recordings, downloadable exercises, hiring scripts and free bonuses!

If you’re ready to design a lifestyle that is worthy of a screenplay, and step into the role of entrepreneur to make it real for you, then register for the next upcoming Business In a Weekend now and get ready to get going!

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Become a Lifestyle EntrepreneurBecome a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur 6-Disc Audio Training Program walks you step-by-step through the process of lifestyle design and entrepreneurship in a fun, engaging way.

Combining stories and strategies from Jesse Krieger’s over 10 years of starting businesses, this program starts with generating ideas based on your interests and passions and takes you all the way through to building websites, developing supplier relationships and growing your business.

BaLE back

  • Disc 1: Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur – Creating Your Vision-MAP
  • Disc 2: Discover Your Identity & How to Identify Your Market
  • Disc 3: The Right Type of Business for You – Turn Your Interests and Passions into Products and Services
  • Disc 4: Learn the 21st Century Internet Economy and Build Your Castle in the Cloud
  • Disc 5: How to Build Websites, Drive Traffic and Promote Your Business Online
  • Disc 6: How to Succeed and Grow as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Why Some People Never Win.

BONUS 1: In addition to the 6-Disc program, you will also have access to a private membership portal where all of the audio files, transcripts and exercises are published and available for download. Listen to it in your car, at the gym or while you’re at your computer working on your business, the choice is yours. ($197 value)

BONUS 2: As a special bonus for everyone who invests in themselves and their future with the Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur program, I offer a private 1-to-1 deep dive phone consultation to focus on your ideas and give you some personalized strategies that you can begin using right away! ($247 value)

Only $297 (or 2 payments of $149)

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