The Author to Entrepreneur Experience

The Author to Entrepreneur Experience

Hope you’re having a great week so far! I just wrapped up a two-day event with one of my coaches in LA and am now headed to Monterrey, CA for a joint-venture partner retreat.

These are the last two events I’m going to in 2015 and I can say that it’s been a BIG year in terms of speaking on stages, publishing books and finally running the inaugural Bestseller Summit Live.

One of my main takeaways in 2015 is realizing how much I love working with authors and entrepreneurs in-person. Nothing beats the power of getting in a room together and creating magic. And the impact is so much more enduring than only connecting and learning online. 

Jesse Krieger Best-Selling Author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur

So with that in mind, I have a very special to opportunity to share with you: The Author to Entrepreneur Experience!

The Author to Entrepreneur Experience is a year-long coaching and mastermind program designed to help you create and launch a best-selling book and build a thriving business and brand.

But this isn’t just a “how-to” program, this is me working with YOU in small groups, at live events and 1-on-1 to provide a customized, personal experience of transformation and growth.

This is your opportunity to finally breakthrough whatever has been holding you back from living fully-expressed and authentically in your business and brand – and to build relationships and community with a select group of hand-picked authors and entrepreneurs.

It has been my experience, having taken part in two different year-long coaching programs, that true transformation takes time.

True transformation requires commitment and dedication coupled with new strategies, personal attention and regular in-person gatherings (live events and masterminds) to create profound and enduring change.

If you are the right fit for The Author to Entrepreneur Experience, then we will work closely together through 2016 to rapidly accelerate your growth and development – both personally and professionally.

If you are the right fit for The Author to Entrepreneur Experience, then you will experience a level of commitment and support that quite likely exceeds any learning environment you have been in to-date.

I encourage you to read through the program information. Look through the schedule and visualize yourself having regular ongoing support and training throughout 2016 to accomplish your biggest goals (and dream up some new ones that you may not even be able to imagine now).

Read about The Author to Entrepreneur Experience here

The Author to Entrepreneur Experience

Once you understand what the program entails, I would like to invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me where we will outline the Big Wins you want to create in 2016 and determine if you are the right fit.

To schedule a call with me, just send an email to: [email protected] and put Author to Entrepreneur Experience in the subject line. My awesome assistant Kristen will be in touch right away to set up a call.

I look forward to speaking with you soon – and even if it’s not the right fit, this is a chance to connect on the phone and have my attention focused on your author and entrepreneur goals…call it an early Christmas present 🙂

To your success,



Jesse Krieger

Author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Creator of Bestseller Campaign Blueprint

Founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

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