9 Mindset Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Is This the Way of the 21st Century Entrepreneur? It seems like everyone wants to be a lifestyle entrepreneur these days. Lewis Howes first coined the term a few years ago and it has grown wildly in popularity. Do you know exactly what it means though? You probably know it has something to do with traveling the world and working for yourself. Maybe you’ve read … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Dream Job

Growing up in a traditional Asian family, education is something that my parents highly valued. They wanted me to go to school for something that will give me a high paying career and secure myself financially. I was presented with a handful of options; become an engineer, doctor, lawyer or accountant. Even at a young age, I knew none of those things really interested me. But … [Read more...]

Are You Living Your Purpose?

Look around you and you'll notice that there are two kinds of people: the ones who live and ones who merely exist. There are some people that get up every morning not really knowing why they're getting out of bed for. They do things that they're "supposed to do." Drive through rush hour, work a job they hate for 8 hours or more, go home, watch TV, go to bed and repeat this … [Read more...]

Why Relationships Matter For Long Term Success Online

Relationship building is a critical stepping-stone to any successful business, whether online or offline. When your business is built over the internet, it’s even more important. There are millions of websites and more being built every day, unless you build strong relationships with the people you're trying to help and other experts in your industry, it’s easy to get left … [Read more...]

3 Tips On How To Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed All The Time

Taking the path less travelled is never going to be easy. Since most people are not conditioned to be independent and work for themselves, they’re going to have shift their mindset and learn a new set of skill to be a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Not really knowing exactly where to start, feeling overwhelmed all the time is a common concern for most people making that … [Read more...]