Lifestyle Entrepreneur Reader Makes $12,000 in 6 Weeks

A few weeks ago I got a very cool, and quite unexpected email from my friend in Canada linking to this article: Montrealer Sells $12k in Six Weeks After Creating Shopify Page.  So I read the lead paragraph and it made my day: "Montrealer Anna Van Tuinen had always designed and created paper jewelry figures since she was in high school, but any thought of making a … [Read more...]

Define and Design Your External Identity Drivers

Welcome to Part 3 of the Discover Your Unique Identity in Business and Life Series! In Part 1 - Discover and Design Your True Identity we talked about how our upbringings, family and social ties unconsciously shape our identities to some degree and how to consciously define and design the identity we want in business and life. In Part 2 - Discover Your Internal Identity … [Read more...]

Discover Your Internal Identity Drivers

In the previous post Discover and Design Your True Identity, I laid out the components of the Identity Framework and the progression towards fully owning and embodying your new identity in business and in life; the know, do, be progression. Now let's dive deeper and look at each piece of the framework one by one, starting with your internal identity drivers:  Mental … [Read more...]

How To Market Your Business The Right Way – Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes

Learning entrepreneurship has been an interesting journey for me. Nearly filing for bankruptcy a few years ago, I've started many businesses that didn't last too long. The ones that failed have very particular things in common; ineffective marketing. It doesn't matter how good your product or service is. If no one knows about it, then no one knows you even exist. The … [Read more...]

How To Be An Expert – 5 Ways To Get Out There and Get Noticed

So you’ve taken the leap and created your very own website, but now what do you do? You might be thinking "who's going to read my blog, I'm a nobody." Even in this age of technology, the Internet can be a large, scary place for many people but don’t be intimidated. Being an expert just means you know a little bit more than the people you're trying to help. That's it. Even … [Read more...]