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If you’re in the US, then you may already be firing up the BBQ and getting ready for some 4th of July fun in the sun.


I know by this time tomorrow I’ll likely have a beer in hand and some fireworks ready to launch when the sun goes down.


But before we get to all that, I’ve got some exciting news and a great opportunity to join me for a live online training next week!


Next Tuesday, July 7 the latest Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press book is launching – One Size Does Not Fit All: Stress Management by Nikki B. Williams.


Nikki has years of experience with stress management and dealing with stress-related issues and has codified her best practices and recommendations into an indispensable book to help find “your personal prescription to stress management”


Next Tuesday you’ll have an opportunity to get a free copy of One Size Does Not Fit All.


But today you can see part of the pre-launch in progress and grab a copy of Don’t Panic: 4 Emergency Techniques to Instantly Escape Overwhelm and Anxiety.


Although it may not be as sexy a topic as how to “build your dream lifestyle”, I can tell you that stress is an integral part of any author and entrepreneurs journey. There is no escaping the fact that when you push outside your comfort zone, your comfort zone pushes back. And that creates stress.


How we deal with stress, however, becomes a large determining factor in who ultimately becomes successful, so with that in mind, I encourage you to check out Nikki’s valuable free resource Don’t Panic.


And if you are interested in learning how our book launches work behind the scenes, after you get Don’t Panic, you’ll have the opportunity to register for a live webinar training I’m running next Tuesday, July 7…while Nikki’s book is launching!


Hope you enjoy these valuable resources and keep an eye out next Tuesday to grab your free copy of One Size Does Not Fit All on Launch Day!


Now, about that 4th of July celebration… 🙂


To your success,




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