Month of Power Recap + Business Insider Feature

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend and the last day of February – Month of Power.
No, that’s not it’s official name or anything, but if you recall back to Feb 1, I wrote about how this month we would explore the different aspects of what constitutes power.
We defined Power as the “ability to affect the outcome of a situation”.
So, did you feel powerful this month?
I am just looking back at the original post and noticed that I used a picture of myself sitting on a rooftop looking up at San Francisco (as I just moved out of the city at the beginning of the month), and now two days ago that very same picture was used in a feature article on yours truly in Business Insider
That article dropped on the same day we ran our first “featured publisher” day for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, and I was thrilled to see that every book we’ve published so far was simultaneously on 3 best-seller charts!
That felt pretty powerful, and thank you to all of you who supported us with that promotion.
Here is my takeaway from the Month of Power, and hopefully there are some takeaways here that will be useful to you:
“You always live into your own story” – At the beginning of the month I was committed to changing up my life (yet again), moving to a new city, growing my publishing business and doing a lot of media.
By the end of the month I had done nearly 10 interviews for podcasts and online summits, culminating in the Business Insider piece. Let me tell you, that did feel powerful, and I attribute that feeling to focusing on “feeling powerful” in February.
Conversely, if you tell yourself a story of victimhood or negativity, that manifests in your life as well. So if you will live into your story either way, at least tell yourself an exciting story of growth, opportunity and realizing your full potential.
“The Million Dollar Question” is powerful, and that is: If I wrote you a check for $1,000,000 right now, in most cases that is going to alleviate any financial concerns you have – so what do you do Next?
In other words, if money were not an object, what would you be doing with your time here on earth?
When you answer that question with clarity, it becomes a powerful catalyst. Why? Because I’ve never heard anyone answer that question with something that costs more than a million dollars. So then you can cost it out and start to put a price tag on your dreams. At least if you know the score you can play to win.
I am curious what makes YOU feel powerful? Hit reply and let me know, or drop a comment on the blog here
In March we are going to explore how Partnerships can take your business and lifestyle to a whole other level.
If you want a preview (actually a complete breakdown) of how this works I encourage you to check out Rich and Milana’s free eBook on how to do joint venture partnerships the right way
Well, that’s February – The Month of Power all wrapped up!
To your success,
Jesse Krieger
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