3 Steps To Live Anywhere In The World

Living abroad and working anywhere in the world is a dream that’s far more attainable now than it has ever been. The ability to earn money online with nothing more than a laptop means you truly can be anywhere you like. While this sounds like a dream come true, it could be a nightmare if you don’t do any advanced planning.

live anywhere in the world

I spent a good chunk of October 2012 taking advantage of this kind of lifestyle. The Internet and various social media channels has made it so much easier to connect and build real relationships with people across the globe. I made my rounds to see JC Deen from JCD Fitness in Nashville and finally got a chance to meet Jesse Krieger in person. I shared a room with him with an old friend and mentor, Nick Hoss from Love Systems. Not only that, it was great to spend a few fun nights partying with David Tien, from Aura Dating in Singapore and Yee Shun Jian, super affiliate and founder of 101 Powerful Affirmations.

This kind of lifestyle will never be possible from a traditional 9-to-5 job where you get penalized for being 5 minutes late and work with people you don’t necessarily enjoy. Not only is it a hassle to have to be at a specific place to earn money, you’re also very limited with how much you can make.

If you’re thinking this kind of lifestyle is for you, it’s easy to achieve but not simple to execute. Develop certain skill sets that you’ll be able to make money anywhere in the world. You need an Internet-based business to get you started.

There’s no need to wait for retirement age to live this kind of lifestyle. The past few years, the proliferation of online-based jobs and businesses has made it possible for even those of working age to move abroad and live location independent. With a little bit of advanced planning, you can just pack up and go.

What are the things you need to consider?

3 Steps To Live Anywhere In The World

Determine Your Budget

Sum up all your bills and expenses every month. Now what you’ll want to do is work backwards and convert that into a tangible number of products and services. For example, if you need to make $4, 000 a month then that translates into 8 clients paying you $500 each. There are 7 billion people in the world, don’t tell me you can’t find less than 10 people who you can serve and give value to. With a bit of creative thinking, this is something very attainable.

Cut Cost Where You Can

Typically, my trips are what I call a work-ation. I fly to a city for a very specific reason. The first one is to meet and network with another entrepreneur. While it’s true that social media and the internet has made connection with people easier, nothing beats putting in face time. I usually just stay at their place, cook food at home or eat out very inexpensively. The day is spent doing business and fulfilling deliverables for clients while the rest is for exploring what the city has to offer.

Relationships Matter

Remember this: people like to do business with other people who they like. Small things go a very long way when you meet and interact with other people in your industry. People will always remember how you made them feel. It could be as simple as cooking food for your host, helping clean out around the house, buying groceries and other thoughtful things. Whether it’s a potential joint venture or an existing client, relationships matter more than anything else.

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