Lifestyle Entrepreneur Prologue – From The Jungles of Borneo…

Today I’m excited to share a preview from the audio book of Lifestyle Entrepreneur (which I narrated and just finished recording!)

Here is the Prologue of Lifestyle Entrepreneur called “From The Jungles of Borneo…”

Prologue of Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Here it is an excerpt from the book in case you want to read along:


From Lifestyle Entrepreneur to Business In a Weekend

Hope you enjoy this Prologue from Lifestyle Entrepreneur, it foreshadows some of the entrepreneurs you’ll meet later in the book and is also a preview of what my (and our) lives are like.

After the first edition of Lifestyle Entrepreneur came out in Asia back in 2012, many readers shared sentiments like “it’s a great book, but I need help putting these ideas into practice – what do you recommend?”

So I began to codify the step-by-step process that aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs could take to go “from idea to business,” and created what is now my signature training program, Business In a Weekend

We’re running our next live Business In a Weekend virtual bootcamp starting this weekend, May 23-25

Learn about it here and check out the special deal I’m offering to help support the Lifestyle Entrepreneur book launch:

If you purchase 20 copies of Lifestyle Entrepreneur and forward me the receipt, you’ll get a FREE ticket to Business In a Weekend. That ends up being over 50% off the normal price.

PLUS if you don’t have a use for all 20 of the books, you can donate the remainder to my non-profit, University Incubator, for a tax-deductible charitable contribution, talk about a Win-Win-Win 🙂

Learn all about Business In a Weekend and this special deal here:

To your success,


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  1. Looks good! You are a good writer and have a natural ability for drawing in the reader. As a fellow aspiring author, I can appreciate your talent. I am also headed to Borneo next month starting with Kota Kinabalu. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks a lot Danny, much appreciated! What are you working on nowadays writing-wise?

      That’s awesome that you’re heading to Borneo next month, I definitely want to head back and explore more of the far-flung regions…though I’ll never forget the thrill of walking into a random book store in Kuching, Sarawak and finding a copy of my book 🙂

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