How To Market Your Business The Right Way – Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes

Learning entrepreneurship has been an interesting journey for me. Nearly filing for bankruptcy a few years ago, I’ve started many businesses that didn’t last too long. The ones that failed have very particular things in common; ineffective marketing. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is. If no one knows about it, then no one knows you even exist.

how to market your business

The Internet is a vast place of infinite resources, which can be used to your advantage when promoting your online business. But there a lots of mistakes to be made as well – and when you’re eager to get started, it’s easy to fall victim to these and other marketing mishaps. Let me save you the trouble on how to market your business. Avoid these top 5 mistakes like the plague.

How To Market Your Business The Right Way – Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes

Not Having A Target Market

This is perhaps the biggest mistake a new business owner can make. You absolutely must know who your market is before you can successfully build your business. What keeps them up at night? What are their pains? What are their aspirations? If you don’t know these things, you have no business.

If you go into it thinking that you can serve everyone, you will be sadly mistaken, as many owners of failed businesses can tell you. By trying to reach everyone, you’ll reach no one. Narrowing down your niche and finding out who can really benefit from your services will make it much easier to create content to meet his or her needs, advertising that speaks to your audience, and other tools to attract visitors to your site.

Following The “Next Big Thing”

How do you build a long-lasting business? By creating value and solving people’s problem. If you’re not improving people’s lives, your business will be a flash in the pan. There are always going to be new products that promise overnight success, a million dollars in your bank account, and a lifetime of success. Your bank account will suffer if you fall for this, and it won’t do your site any good either. Everything sounds great, but if you allow yourself to get distracted with a new site or hot new product, your business will greatly suffer.

Customer Overkill

Marketing is merely getting your message to the right people who need to hear it. On the other hand, when you are sending out 10 emails a day each with a different offer or call to action it will most likely turn them off. People like to buy but they don’t like being sold. Make sure you’re giving value much more than you’re selling. If it’s the other way around, you’ll send them searching for the unsubscribe button. Interacting with your customers is important, but make sure you’re communicating good content more than just making offers.

Poor Website Design

People will pay you based on 2 things: attention and money. Your website is a very important part of you business. It’s the first impression that people see when they visit your store. If it looks bad when customers arrive, they will most likely write you off as someone they don’t want to do business with. Poor website design means you don’t care, so why should they? You will be projecting an image that you don’t want. Remember, your website design is the first thing people see when they arrive. If you aren’t skilled in design yourself, it would be well worth the money to have someone do it for you, or simply choose one of the hundreds of professionally designed templates available. Many of them are low-cost or even free, so you don’t have to settle for a poorly designed website.

Relying On A Single Type Of Marketing

Pat Flynn’s message is to be everywhere. The more people can find you, the better. You need to keep an open mind when marketing your business. You may have found one technique – such as blogging – that you like and plan to use over and over again. However, it’s not a good idea to focus all your time and energy on one area. There are other methods available like video marketing, podcasting, etc. Things change, and what once worked well may stop performing, so it’s a good idea to always be testing out new marketing plans.

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