How To Design Your Own Life – Questions For Lifestyle Design

If you’ve ever wondered how to design your own life, then you probably came to the realization that you now want to be in control of your future. Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur is the best way to make that happen. The very fact that you’re able to run your business from your laptop with an internet connection anywhere in the world will allow you to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

With over 10 years of experience of being a serial entrepreneur, I’ve seen a lot of people start their business and fail miserably in a short amount of time. They want to short cut the process and skip learning the fundamentals. The first thing they want to learn are the tactics and techniques when it’s much more beneficial to them to change their mindset first.

Your thoughts will affect how you act. The actions you take repeated overtime forms your character. If you had a flawed way of thinking from the start, it’ll be much hard for you to unlearn the bad habits you’ve created rather getting your mind right before you even get started.

While the vast majority of people are interested in changing their lives, most of them never end up doing anything about it. They get lost in the transition because they can’t map out what they want. Unfortunately, even fewer take the steps to make it happen. By not having a clear path, it’s easy to get demotivated.

design your own life

If you’re ready to make a change for yourself, the very first thing you need to do is start by answering your “why.” Begin your journey with the end goal in mind. Assume that you’ll be successful so when you do succeed, you will get the result that you’ve always wanted. Lifestyle Design is the first pillar on how to design your own life.

Most people will never undertake this step. They get into business for all the wrong reasons. Being motivated by external things alone like money and recognition won’t get you very far. While those things are important, that shouldn’t be your main source of motivation.

How To Design Your Own Life – Questions For Lifestyle Design

  • What are your passions?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are you interested in doing?
  • If you can do whatever you want, where would you live?
  • How would you ideally make money?
  • What would you spend your time on?
  • Who would you spend your time with?
  • What would you do independent of expectation of society and other people?

Take the time to answer those questions. Don’t limit yourself. We’re going for quantity here, not quality. Put down on paper what you’ve always wanted to achieve for yourself. Make that picture as clear in your head as possible.

Everyone is so different so not every style of business will work for you. You just need to find that one business that will support the lifestyle you’ve design. Once you have that, what you’ll want to do is form a lifestyle that’s based on doing all those things.

Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur will allow you to live wherever you want and do the kind of work that’s thrilling and fulfilling for you while making a healthy income. When you design that lifestyle first it becomes easy to build a business that provides for that lifestyle.

Share your dreams and passions in the comment section below. I would love to hear what kind of lifestyle you want. Let’s discuss ways on how to make that happen.


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  1. I’ve tons of talents, smarts, know-how, 2 Amazon Kindle eBooks & 1 independently-published eBook. No on cares. At what point can one become reckless, investing this program, that program & the other — all still with no results?

  2. This is very interesting.

    I have a few questions and you might be able to help me with.

    I want to be more successful.

    I have 2 jobs one I love which is my art and one I do because its a secure income and I need to pay my mortgage and bill aswell as supporting my daughter through college. I am working on the job I love to bring in more money and give up the other job all together. Its very hard as I have to juggle my time. I am a single parent so I am the only income. I know what I want and where I want to be but I am finding it hard to get there because of financial responsibilities and cost.

    What would be your advice?

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for reaching out and I admire that you’re doing something that you love, even while you’re working a job that is secure and covers your expenses. I recommend exploring how you could increase the income with your art business, perhaps check out the further reading resources at the end of the post (the Passions-to-Products formula post).

      Without knowing the specifics of what you’re doing now, you could either increase the reach, marketing and visibility for your current offering, or add a new revenue channel (ie, if you’re selling art pieces, you could move into consulting services to other artists). Also, make sure that you have a cohesive presence online for your passion business and be able to be found and contacted easily.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you want to explore it further!

      Best – Jesse

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