How To Be An Expert – 5 Ways To Get Out There and Get Noticed

So you’ve taken the leap and created your very own website, but now what do you do? You might be thinking “who’s going to read my blog, I’m a nobody.” Even in this age of technology, the Internet can be a large, scary place for many people but don’t be intimidated. Being an expert just means you know a little bit more than the people you’re trying to help. That’s it. Even though there are many other sites competing for the attention of every Internet user, it’s not that difficult to get noticed – let other people find their story, within your story.

how to be an expert

I started my lifestyle business in a very competitive niche: dating and personal development. But because I had a very compelling story of struggle, it didn’t take me that long to get out there and find other people that connect with me. While I don’t date Playboy models, I do have a pretty good chance of going up to a woman I’m attracted to, getting her interested enough to go on a first date with me. To most of the people that read my website, that’s all they want. In their eyes, I’m an expert.

How To Be An Expert – 5 Ways To Get Out There and Get Noticed

Get Interviewed

The more personal you can be the better. Starting out, I did a lot of video interviews with other experts in my industry. Nick Hoss and Ten Magnet were very nice enough to indulge me and share their expertise on the topic. Jesse Krieger and Navid Moazzez are some of the many people I record video chats with on a regular basis. What you’ll want to do first though is create a body of work that other people will want to connect with. Demonstrate your own understanding and expertise and other people will be a lot more willing to be part of your journey.

To find opportunities, first look for other experts who’s message really resonates with you. Who among your favorites would be a good fit? Choose a few candidates, then send a polite email explaining why they’d be a good guest. Even better if you take their advice, get results from it and tell them about it.

Social Media

In order to get your website in front of the people who can benefit from it, you will need to join a social media community such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. These sites have been an integral part of people’s lives so putting your message there will get a better chance of exposure. Doing this will generate awareness to your site and send traffic directly to you. There are differing opinions as to which social media platform is better but it comes down to who your audience is and where they hang out the most. Think of social media as another way for you to be able to communicate with your customers and promote everything you have to offer.

Guest Posting

Linking strategies are important when it comes to your website rank on the search engines. Guest posts on other sites within your niche are an excellent way to receive traffic and links back to your site in order to get it noticed. Once you have established a relationship with others in your target niche, it will be easier for you to submit articles and guest posts for them to use on their site.

Join A Forum

These days there is a forum or community for just about anything you can think of. Find a forum that your target market would be likely to frequent and start up a conversation. The key is not to be a spammer, listing your website URL and then jumping over to the next forum to do the same. You’ll annoy people very quickly if you do that. Get into the discussion, find out what the people are looking for and see if the information, services, and products you offer can help.

Live Events

This may seem like a strange idea, but you have to understand that even in the online world, the relationships you create will make or break your business. Not only will you be able to promote your business at live events, but you will also meet and learn from some of the experts in your niche. I wouldn’t have met Jesse Krieger had I not taken a leap of faith and trained under Nick Hoss for the Dallas Rockstar Internship. Some of the most successful businesses out there owe it all to the joint venture partnerships created during these events. On another note, meeting new people, hearing about their successes and failures, and establishing relationships are some of the most beneficial things you can do for your self-growth and the growth of your business.

The key thing to remember when marketing your website is not to be afraid to try new things and put yourself out there. There are so many methods and techniques you can use to build a foundation for your business. Be yourself, and be genuine to your target market and those you want to help. Although you may not be an overnight success, the time and effort you put into taking your business to the top will make it that much sweeter when you do succeed.

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Myke Macapinlac is the Online Media Manager for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blog based from Canada.

He is passionate about inspiring purpose driven action to inspire others to live more fulfilling lives. As a lifestyle entrepreneur himself and a dating coach, he coaches men how to live a life worth inviting others into.

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  1. Nice! I’ll add authorship to the list. Writing a book, even an ebook/kindle book is still a great way to build authority and expertise.

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