February: The Month of Power

It’s February, how do you feel?

This month the theme and focus is on Power.

But what is power exactly? My definition is that power is the ability to affect the outcome. If you can shape a situation to suit your ends, then you have exercised power.

To explore this theme of Power over the course of February, here is a preview of what will be happening and how it relates to Power.

February Month of Power - Featured Image

I feel powerful in high places, go figure


Power in the Written Word

There is power in the written word, and the written word only gets read when it is published. So therefore, publishing is a form of power as it is the distribution mechanism for ideas, contained in books, that can change your life…or those of your readers.

This month my friends James Roper and Chandler Bolt are rolling out their brand-new Self Publishing School and Chandler is just coming off of a killer book launch for his book called Book Launch – You can grab a copy of his book for only $0.99 by clicking here

 Power in Promotion

Once you have a message that you want to get out to the world, the impact of that message can only be measured by the reach it has. More reach = more impact. You get reach by having a promotional plan in place.

On Wed, Feb 18 I’ll be hosting a webinar with the wizard of promotion Bob The Teacher over at LeadPages, which is one of the best promotional tools I’ve ever used. You can register for the webinar by clicking here

Power in Pushing Your Edge

In fitness training, you only build muscle after you break it down. Pushing your edge in any undertaking is the precursor to growth. You only know your limits when you push up against them (not when you just guess what they might be)

In the second half of February, I’m going to kick-off a 14-day Video Challenge. Basically, I believe that video is the best medium to get your message out, build your brand and build a connection with your audience…but I know I need some work on making great videos.

So, I’ll be pushing my edge creating videos every day for 14 days and I invite you to join me! These won’t be public videos, but rather we’ll be creating, publishing and critiquing each other’s videos in a private Facebook group.

Get started early and show your commitment to the power of video by joining the 14-Day Video Challenge Private Facebook Group

Power in Focused Attention and Masterminding

One of the most powerful forces on earth is a Mastermind. Originally coined by Napoleon Hill decades ago in his epic book The Law of Success (and it’s derivative work Think And Grow Rich) a Mastermind is simply a collection of talented, diverse people focusing their intention and experience on a specific person or problem.

Henry Ford once said that if you took away everything he had, the entire Ford Motor Company, that he could rebuild it all in 5 years if he had his Top 20 manager with him. Why? Because his core team was his mastermind and all the important decisions were made within this group, so of course he could accomplish what he’d already done once all over again with the same team of all-stars.

Now I invite YOU to take part in this powerful practice! I will be running a VIP Day in Las Vegas at the end of February where we will spend a whole day (8-Hours) masterminding, sharing strategies for success and giving focused attention to each person’s business and brand. Then, after a day of intense focus, we’re going to have a magnificent dinner and a VIP night out at the best nightlife Vegas has to offer.

I’ll have an official announcement about the VIP Day soon, but you can help me make this the most impactful event possible by answering a few short questions here

The Power of Las Vegas at Night

Want to come mastermind with me in Las Vegas? Now that’s power 🙂

Power in Planning

Finally there is power in planning. I can share with you that this is the first month since launching the Lifestyle Entrepreneur brand and building this community where I already know pretty much everything important I’ll be doing business-wise at the beginning of the month.

It feels powerful. It is also a relief in a way, because once you have made the decisions and formed the partnerships that will carry you through a month, then you free up the mental energy to focus on execution. Now that’s powerful!

So there it is, welcome to February, The Month of Power, and hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of what’s coming up.

To your success,

Jesse Krieger

Author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Creator of Bestseller Campaign Blueprint


About Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger is the founder and publisher for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. International best selling author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Host of Bestseller Summit Live. Connect on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube


  1. “Power in Planning”

    Probably the most important one on here. Powerful writing requires planning. Powerful promotion requires a good plan. Pushing yourself requires planning out beforehand how you will react when your willpower is tested. Finally you said power in “focused” attention and masterminding, that focus requires planning before hand what you will focus on.

    Excellent post, and here’s to a powerful February! You certainly have a lot going on right now, must be very busy.

    Another thing that is often overlooked is the power of conscious rest. Choosing to take some time to meditate, get enough sleep etc is powerful for letting the little distractions float away, and getting back to that powerful purpose that drives your life.

    Talk soon,

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