Dream Training – Launch Day!

Happy Launch Day! It's always an exciting Tuesday when we're launching a new book, and today that is twice as true. Since early on in the publishing process, I knew Dream Training had the potential to be special. Very special.  Colin Gilmartin, the author transcended difficult circumstances in his own upbringing and had become a nationally-ranked soccer coach. But it wasn't … [Read more...]

Launch Your Business Live – Debrief from Speaking in Atlanta

Hope you had a great weekend! I just got back from Atlanta, where I had the honor of speaking to over 100 female entrepreneurs at the Launch Your Business Live event. This was the largest audience I’ve spoken to thus far and it was a total rush, not to mention great for business…I closed over $10,000 of new sales into my signature author training program Bestseller Campaign … [Read more...]

Month of Power Recap + Business Insider Feature

Hope you're enjoying the weekend and the last day of February - Month of Power. No, that's not it's official name or anything, but if you recall back to Feb 1, I wrote about how this month we would explore the different aspects of what constitutes power. We defined Power as the "ability to affect the outcome of a situation". So, did you feel powerful this … [Read more...]

Built To Sell – How to Build Salability Into Your Business From Day 1

I met Jock Purtle at an affiliate party in the penthouse of Caesars Palace earlier this year (shout out to Charles Ngo!) and in between tasty bites of sushi and slow sips of whiskey, we got to talking shop. Turns out Jock is a full-blown lifestyle entrepreneur, traveling the world and networking at conferences and parties with founders of start-ups and private equity … [Read more...]

A Year to Live – Permission to Live Boldly

I just got back from an intense and inspiring weekend retreat called Entrepreneurs Awakening led by my friends Michael Costuros and Bryan Bayer. One of the questions posed over the weekend was both simple and profound: If you only had one year to live, how would you spend it? Then we journaled for 10 minutes or so, just writing free form what came up for us. Sitting … [Read more...]