Case Study: How A Probation Officer Used A Book To Start A Highly Profitable Coaching Business

It’s funny how big things started small. The first time I met Daniel Munro, he wasn’t yet envisioning becoming an author and I wasn’t a publisher. It was 2012, and Dan was working as a probation officer while using his spare time to study personal development. During his exploration, he picked up a copy of my best-selling book, “Lifestyle Entrepreneur,” and was inspired … [Read more...]

Why Willpower Alone is NOT Enough – Set Your Strategic Plan for 2016

Research has shown that the enthusiasm and new-found willpower that comes with New Years lasts through January 17, after which point people downsize their dreams for the year.  Well, here we are on January 18 - do you still feel as passionately and strongly now as you did on January 1, 2016? If not - I'll bet I can pinpoint the reason why... It is because environment and … [Read more...]

The Author to Entrepreneur Experience

Hope you're having a great week so far! I just wrapped up a two-day event with one of my coaches in LA and am now headed to Monterrey, CA for a joint-venture partner retreat. These are the last two events I'm going to in 2015 and I can say that it's been a BIG year in terms of speaking on stages, publishing books and finally running the inaugural Bestseller Summit Live. One … [Read more...]

Bestseller Summit LIVE 2015…was a SUCCESS!

Hope you're having a fun and productive week so far! I've just returned from Bestseller Summit Live in LA, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life.  After months of preparation and oscillating between being elated and terrified at what would happen, once the room was set up and you all walked in, it was a total joy. And judging by the event … [Read more...]

Book Outline Brainstorm – Structure Your Book for SUCCESS

When it comes to writing, publishing and promoting a book there are a lot of moving parts, and it's easy to become overwhelmed, lose momentum, or hit a wall. If this happens, you will never get that book out of your head, and into the world. I want you to prosper as an author - and to be able to leverage your book to build a thriving business and brand, and that is why over … [Read more...]