Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell on Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell have coached 7 businesses across the billion dollar mark. They share the secrets of their success and their vision of how we can save the planet through entrepreneurship. Live on Google Hangout March 20, 2014, 11:00am PST (with replay available) ( -- March 20, 2014)  Berkeley, CA -- The prospect of saving the world is a … [Read more...]

Learn to Grow Your Influence at the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

Building an audience for a lifestyle business isn’t easy. But Sage Lavine has cracked the code. She shares her secret to creating a socially conscious 6-figure business at the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit. Live on Google Hangout, Tues. March 18, 4pm PST ( -- March 17, 2014) Los Angeles, CA -- Sage Lavine is an inspiration to more than 25,000 female … [Read more...]

Alicia Dunams is a Powerful Keynote for Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

Ready to write your bestseller? Let international speaker Alicia Dunams show you how. She shares the secrets to bestseller success live on Google Hangout as she kicks off an impressive line-up at the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit, Monday, March 17, 11:00am ( -- March 17, 2014) Los Angeles, California -- Alicia Dunams is an impressive woman.  She’s a … [Read more...]