Discover and Design Your True Identity

When you want to make a transformational change—say you want to start a business or become a lifestyle entrepreneur and have more freedom and opportunity—you need to have an honest assessment of where you’re at, as a starting point. In my post about overcoming limiting beliefs, we talked about the negative underlying assumptions you might have about the world.  Do you think … [Read more...]

Learn the Skills that Pay the Bills Online

One of the things that I’m passionate about sharing through Lifestyle Entrepreneur and my teaching and coaching is showing people how to develop the real skills that they need, which is not specifically to become programmers or coders or website developers or search engine optimization experts in their own right—but how to know enough so that they can hire intelligently and get … [Read more...]

Set Your Theme For 2014 – Year of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur

January is a great time to set your theme for the year to come. This doesn't have to be a specific goal per se, but rather a theme can be the common thread that weaves through your daily, weekly and monthly activities, tying them together and making for a congruous experience throughout the year. At the end of December and beginning of January, I'll review what happened … [Read more...]

How To Have Your Perfect Day In Business In 4 Steps

Most beginner entrepreneurs suffer from the feeling of overwhelm when starting out in business. To cut costs, they wear many hats in their business. One person is in charge of selling, marketing, providing the service and customer support as well. Do this long enough and you run the risk of burning yourself out. Not only do they feel remorse, now the idea of getting a job … [Read more...]

3 Steps To Live Anywhere In The World

Living abroad and working anywhere in the world is a dream that's far more attainable now than it has ever been. The ability to earn money online with nothing more than a laptop means you truly can be anywhere you like. While this sounds like a dream come true, it could be a nightmare if you don't do any advanced planning. I spent a good chunk of October 2012 taking … [Read more...]