3 Lessons on Overcoming Obstacles From John Dillinger

Obstacles. We all face them, but entrepreneurs have them in spades. While there’s plenty of inspirational content that might help entrepreneurs face challenges, we’ve turned to a slightly more sinister source: organized crime. As you’ll soon find, if you’re an entrepreneur you have more in common with a crime boss than you think. A mobster always has the odds stacked against … [Read more...]

How to Think BIG and Build Confidence with Miss Nevada 2014

“Be cognizant of opportunities that present themselves and ask whether your past accomplishments can help you succeed in a particular endeavor.”  - Lisa Song Sutton,  Many inspirational articles proclaim that as an entrepreneur you should “find your passion.” We have all read the motivational quote “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Rather than … [Read more...]

The Secrets of a Familypreneur – Building a Business with a Family

Building a Business With a Family: The Family-Oriented Lifestyle Entrepreneur Every year when winter time comes to Denmark my family and I pack up our things and go to Thailand for a couple of months. And you know what the funny thing is? People never ask me WHY! The first question I always get is HOW! Because let's face it, traveling with your family - in my case my … [Read more...]

Are You Making These 5 Mistakes Trying to Turn Your Passion into a Business?

Turning your passion into a business is all the rage... But there’s a problem. It’s not as simple as just “following your passion.” If you’ve tried building a business around something you love, you will have discovered that there are pitfalls no one tells you about. It took me around three years, and $10,000+ before I figured out what worked, and what didn’t. And … [Read more...]