15 Awesome Books for A Buck Each!

I know some of you here aspiring authors (or are already best-selling authors 😉 so wanted to share this cool event taking place next week that is book-related…and has some marketing lessons you can apply to your nook and biz.

So, for the whole day Jan 14 you can get any (or ALL) of these books for $0.99 each.

Check out Buck Bucks Entrepreneur Book Day Here

Buck Books Ad img

That in itself is cool right?

But behind the scenes, as an author, this is GREAT because it means 14 other top-selling authors will promote your book PLUS tons of affiliates.

The affiliates get compensated based on how many people they send to the book promotion, so remember when we talked about “promotional partners” being the force multiplier that shoots your book up the lists?

Well, the Buck Books team has incentivized affiliates to promote these Buck Book days by paying $1.00 for every sign-up…meaning, everyone that registers to get the book deals pays out $1.00. That means it’s not just the 15 of us promoting, but hundreds of others.

Talk about alignment of interests right? Everyone wins.

Buck Books – You Can Get In On The Action Too

Go here to Get Access to All These Great Book Deals …and if you want, register as an affiliate and share this cool promotion with your friends (so they can get the books for a buck too!)

Take part in this and pay attention to what they’re doing…enjoy some good books, and let’s see how high we can chart Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Get Paid For Your Pad next week


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