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Do you have big dreams to become a best-selling author, but they just seem so far out of reach?

I can relate. I used to feel the same way.

But I can tell you that now, having signed two publishing deals on two continents and worked to make Lifestyle Entrepreneur a best-seller twice that there are some simple, yet profound reasons, for becoming a best-selling author…and it’s not about the money.

Your book should be the foundation of your brand. It has the power to transform your knowledge, wisdom and experience into a thriving business and authoritative brand.

This November 13-15 in Los Angeles I’m running THE event for entrepreneurial authors called Bestseller Summit Live and I would love to have you there!

Learn all about Bestseller Summit Live and register your ticket here

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend Bestseller Summit LIVE. The strategies I’ll share with you are encompassed in The Big IDEA Framework – How to Ignite, Develop, Execute and Accelerate your best-selling book launch

1.) Ignite Your Passion For Your Book

The reality for authors in 2015 and beyond is that a great book is just the beginning. You need to have a strategy that extends beyond the book and builds a business and brand off your valuable ideas, knowledge and experience.

So if you want to set yourself apart from the thousands of other authors struggling to make money from their book alone, you simply MUST take a broader view towards how your content can make money.

That means learning:

  • How to structure your book so readers can’t stop turning the pages and can’t wait to learn more from, and with you
  • Where the money is in publishing and how you can monetize your message through a book, but also the business opportunities it enables
  • How to quickly create compelling content and structure your book for success from day one.

2.) Develop Your Book’s Launch Strategy

Now that you’ve crafted a unique author identity and structured your book to be so much more than just words on a page, how do you prepare to launch it to the world?

Your ability to build anticipation towards your book launch will make all the difference in the world when Launch Day finally rolls around.

Developing means:

  • Create your perfect pre-launch strategy that is specific to your book, topic and audience (it’s not enough to just say “my book is coming out soon”, you have to build real anticipation for the launch)
  • Learn how to create the only two web pages you need to launch your book (escape website overwhelm and just focus on what works; building a community and anticipation)
  • Understand where your REAL value lies as an author and entrepreneur (hint: it’s not in the content of your book – this will surprise you!)
  • Map out your path to a #1 best-selling book launch that positions you as a credible authority in your industry and niche

>> Click here to read the full event description and register your ticket <<

3.) Execute Your Book Launch and Become a Best-Seller

The next phase is all about execution– this is where the “rubber meets the road” and you put all of your plans and ideas into action.

Executing means:

  • Create your Launch Day best-seller blueprint that virtually guarantees your book launch will be a success
  • Learn the exact strategies I have used to launch 10 consecutive #1 best-selling book launches in 2015 alone
  • Experience a series of powerful exercises that will give you a deeper sense of confidence and clarity about stepping into your role as a “best-selling author” so you can take full advantage of all the opportunities that provides
  • Design a contest you can run to support your book launch and drive crazy engagement and expand your influence with your ideal readers, fans and future clients
  • Learn how to attract and engage joint venture partners who can expand the reach and impact of your launch geometrically (each launch partner has the potential to 10x the reach of your book launch)

4.) Accelerate Your Book’s Potential and Build Your Business

Now that you’re a #1 best-selling author, how do you accelerate the momentum from your book launch to turn your readers and raving fans into clients, and potential partners?

Your ability to use your book as a business development tool is what will have the biggest impact on, not only on your bank account, but your reader’s lives.

Accelerating means:

  • Decide on the next 1-2 products, programs or services that you will offer to your readers that will deepen their learning experience and generate 10-100x more money for you then they spent on your book
  • Learn to secure media and speaking opportunities that will introduce your ideas, book and business to new audiences (media is the “impact multiplier” for authors that instantly puts you in front of hundred or thousands of new potential readers and clients)
  • Understand how to structure your back-end products and services to build seamlessly on the ideas and inspiration in your book (so they are a logical next-step for readers to buy)
  • Map out your blueprint to a 6-figure book based business and brand that instructs and inspires thousands with your knowledge, wisdom and experience
  • Understand the “Bestseller Campaign Blueprint” lifecycle that allows you to re-launch your book and promote new products, programs and services years into the future

5.) Write a Better Story, Get a Better Ending

By now you may have realized how important your new book is to your overall business success. It is more than a compilation of your thoughts and opinions. It is a foundational part of your broader business success. By writing and launching a successful book, you can leverage your book to market your expertise, and generate business leads. It will, in a sense, become your glorified business card.

If you are a natural storyteller, Bestseller Summit Live will give you the tools to create an artisanal book; a book that reflects your personality, and shows your “fingerprint” on every page.

If you have the book idea but don’t have the bandwidth to craft a book, Bestseller Summit Live will show you strategies to distill your ideas and actually get your book written. Either way, you will achieve a new level of clarity and confidence on how you can set yourself apart as an author and entrepreneur to become a Lifestyle Authorpreneur!

So if you want to create a high-impact book, launch it to become a best seller in your industry, and build a lucrative business and brand then Bestseller Summit Live is where you need to be November 13-15 in LA

Click here to read the full event description for Bestseller Summit Live and register your ticket

To your success,



Jesse Krieger

Author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Creator of Bestseller Campaign Blueprint

Founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

About Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger is the founder and publisher for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. International best selling author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Host of Bestseller Summit Live. Connect on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube

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